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About us

About Us

No two businesses are the same & there is no ‘one-case-fits-all’ solution. We understand that your business is unique & we will work with you to craft the best solution to reach your objectives.

Our services

Our services

We design, develop and implement high impact websites with relevant content and with the latest marketing strategies in the market.

Website Development

Whether launching a new business, or in need of a fresh look for your brand, we help you make your online presence the best it can be.
[Wordpress & Native Code]

eCommerce Development

The best channel to be selling right now is online - with no restrictions or borders. We will design, create, and customize your shop for high conversions.
[Shopify & WooCommerce]

App Development

If you want to do something special & unique to give your shoppers the best experience, we can help you create exactly what you need.
[Node Js, Ruby, React]

Design & Branding

If you don't design for your end user, it may result in an unsuccessful business. Design is what sets you apart from the others & brings the right emotion for your customers. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are getting visitors to your page but they are not buying, it's time to figure out what's wrong! We will investigate & implement solutions.

Email Marketing

A well crafted email can be the tipping point from an abandoned shopping cart to a new sale. It's about providing relevant content at the right time to your audience.

How we strategize our eCommerce Projects

Have you ever had a tech project that didn't go as planned? Late delivery? The final result wasn't quite what you were looking for? This is the cause of POOR planning. Which is why we start all of our projects with a thorough discovery phase.

Coffee & Merchandise

Challenge: enable shoppers to give donations to ANY foundation or charity of their choosing. Currently the only options existing are donation apps that allow shoppers to donate to an existing list of charities that the merchant chooses, but Inspire & Brew wanted to put the power into the hands of their shoppers. At the end there also needed to be an automated way to see the donation that needs to be given to the charity based on the profit of the product sold.

Fitness & Nutrition

Being a supplements business means having local restrictions in terms of descriptions, claims & ingredients. Therefore they needed to also manage products differently & synchronized across different shops (markets). Also the company needed to keep the brand and UX aligned across the globe but with an efficient posting process across all stores.

Our Happy Clients



Antonio Adams

Head of Marketing

"We reached out to freelancers, different firms, contractors... we were constantly told that what we wanted was not possible. Then we found a wonderful organization. They helped make our dreams a reality. Other organizations told us it would take months and they turned it around in a few weeks."

Lindi Rruka

Founder, Serasox

"Not only do you get a superior product & something you can compete with right out the door, but their organizational capacity is top-notch as well. Every step of the way you know what you need to do & you know where they at every step of the way. Everything is very transparent, they will communicate with you at all time, usually within 24h."

Rodney Rinard

Co-Founder Founder, Inspire & Brew

"Really appreciate your your work! You brought up solutions that I for sure would have never thought of! You know your business well! You solved a problem others told us couldn't be done, (Registering charity w/o leaving the site). Beyond all the obstacles, we are very proud of giving life to our company website. And I thank you for that. You were always cordial, polite and stayed on task. Our site is very functional and we are still getting compliments on the look and function!"

Dana Schoonover


"I loved working with Meraki Vision, they are thorough and knowledgable, but the best part is, our web sales are up 215% since launching our new site."

Kristina Boudaeva


"They communicated with us very clearly every step of the way, everything was executed on time, and I am very excited to take the business globally... excited to optimize our conversion rate!"

Parker Russo


"We needed a new modern looking website so we have Meraki Vision go in & create a whole new website. It was really nail on the head as far as what we wanted. It came out nothing less than perfect"

Antonio Mujico


"They are really kind, patient, take care of the details and overall they understand your needs quickly; Sabina worked with my marketing team to take my e-commerce to the next level. From the launch of our new site redesigned by Meraki Vision, our sales have increased almost 4 times. Thank you really much for all your helpm I will recommend you to all who needs an excellent website

We are Shopify Experts.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Prepare your strategy now!

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Selling on Instagram? here are some tips to exchange those likes for dollars

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