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What gets us out of bed is making sure we put a smile on a clients face.
We don’t stop until you are fully satisfied with the project.

"We are not familiar with Liquid & what power the backend of Shopify... we were pleased to find Sabina & her team"

Kevin Lee - Founder Giving Forward & Didit Agency


"We've collaborated on a plethora of websites & they've all come out absolutely incredible... my clients are incredibly pleased"

Caroline Butterworth, CEO Bad Spring Agency


Not only do you get a superior product & something you can compete with right out the door, but their organizational capacity is top-notch as well. Every step of the way you know what you need to do & you know where they at every step of the way. Everything is very transparent, they will communicate with you at all time, usually within 24h.

Lindi, Founder


"The first time I saw when they did the layout of the site...it blew me out of the water.. it gave me all the confidence in the world that what I believe in my heart for my brand is going to come true. I was able to see the vision for my brand 10 years down the road."

Michael Muthurajah, Founder


Really appreciate your your work! You brought up solutions that I for sure would have never thought of! You know your business well! You solved a problem others told us couldn't be done, (Registering charity w/o leaving the site). Beyond all the obstacles, we are very proud of giving life to our company website. And I thank you for that. You were always cordial, polite and stayed on task. Our site is very functional and we are still getting compliments on the look and function!

Rodney, Co-Founder


"We reached out to freelancers, different firms, contractors... we were constantly told that what we wanted was not possible. Then we found a wonderful organization. They helped make our dreams a reality. Other organizations told us it would take months and they turned it around in a few weeks."

Antonio Adams, Head of Marketing


"They always asked for my feedback after every stage. It's been completely transparent on all levels....Looking forward to collaborating with Sabina & her team for further work."

Eric, Founder


"Everything was quite organized. There was definitely a process. Even within 24h we got responses to our questions. Even when there were problems everything got solved to my satisfaction"

Davit Dutting, Co-Founder


"We needed a new modern looking website so we have Meraki Vision go in & create a whole new website. It was really nail on the head as far as what we wanted. It came out nothing less than perfect"

Parker Russo, Co-Founder


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"Looks great. Good work"

Dave, Head of Marketing


"They communicated with us very clearly every step of the way, everything was executed on time, and I am very excited to take the business globally... excited to optimize our conversion rate!"

Kristina Boudaeva, President


"Meraki was great in customizing for our food service clients. The experience was super great & they took all of our questions we had. They had a quick turnaround time so we were really happy. There was a pre-established timeline. I was able to give a lot of feedback as the website was being developed."

Kurt Oriol, Founder


"Sabina came in & did her magic, got the site updated, ready for 2020. Made it very functional, very user friendly. Communication was excellent! She answered my thousands of questions. "

Nolan Warfield, Founder

"I come from a traditional industry where having a website isn't necessary. I knew that NOT having a website could be a disqualifier. Working with Sabina & Meraki Vision team we were able to put the website together. I couldn't be happier with the service & would recommend them to absolutely anyone."

Chris McClelland, Owner


"I loved working with Meraki  Vision, they are thorough and knowledgable, but the best part is, our web sales are up 215% since launching our new site."

Dana Schoonover, Owner/Designer


"They worked with me to change icons & formats & images to something that is more modern. I was very pleased with the coordination & obviously the final product."

Devon Wyatt, Owner


“You guys did an amazing job, thank you so much for your dedication, for getting on board with us on this crazy idea, and making it happen.”

Sylvie, Co-Founder Beautyque


"We are absolutely delighted with the site and cannot wait for it to go live."

Elizabeth Grant, Co-Founder 


"Sabina's customer discovery process and design work are both excellent. She sets the gold standard for professionalism. Would definitely recommend her services and we will be hiring her agency again."

Lukas Nguyen, Founder


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