How to Ensure a Smooth Project Management of Websites - Ensure to be Within Scope & Budget

How to Ensure a Smooth Project Management of Websites - Ensure to be Within Scope & Budget

 Have you ever hired somebody for a tech project that just didn’t go as planned? Either the project was delayed ... there were some technical complications, or they just weren't able to achieve what you needed?

In the past years, the most common complaint that I hear from businesses is that their tech partner wasn’t able to deliver.


The Importance of Discovery Process 

Creating a successful product or website is more than just a pretty design. It requires proper planning & understanding of the end user. Let’s go through how our Discovery process works...

First we start gathering all of the necessary information we need from the stakeholders. We want to understand all of the intricacies of the business from how your track customers to how you market your brand.

Afterwards our designer does research into the industry to benchmark the competition. They also create the sitemap which defines the overall navigation. This is one of the most important elements because if the people can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave the site!

Next we do the wireframes workshop - which is the foundation of the website. The focus here is on the user experience & the flow of how a user moves through the site. We will also determine if we need apps, custom plugins or middlewares to achieve the goal of the project.

Once we have a clear vision on the best solution for your brand, we are able to plan out a realistic budget & timeline. The goal of this discovery phase is to do it in collaboration with you to really understand your business goals & to make the project as smooth as possible.



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