How to AVOID a HUGE Dropshipping Mistake

How to AVOID a HUGE Dropshipping Mistake

Have you ever had to wait super long for a product to arrive after ordering it?

Can you imagine waiting 5 weeks for ANYTHING nowadays?

Most consumers get high anxiety when their products haven’t shown up yet, or even worse if they cannot track where their order is at any time. Make sure you understand how ePaket shipping works and why it’s important to have especially if you are running a dropshipping business.

BEWARE: Facebook now asks customers that bought via a Facebook ad how the purchase was. If the order never arrived or the package arrived damaged because you went for the cheapest order, your score will go down. Once you fall below 1… you will be BLOCKED from advertising on Facebook!

We’ve seen businesses have to shut down because of this. Carefully plan out your shipping to avoid poor reviews!