3-Must HAVE Tools for E-Mail Marketing

3-Must HAVE Tools for E-Mail Marketing

Many now say that ‘email is dead’. Other’s say it’s evolving. While we can’t be certain of one or the other, we can see the steady flow of emails reaching our inbox each day. We’d say email is here to stay.

So how can you compete among the other millions of marketers out there trying to get the attention of their potential buyers? How about we start with some great tools to help you out… 

#1 HTML Email Gallery:

If you’re looking to take the design of your emails up a notch, check out this website. It has design heavy HTML templates for you to adapt, without having to know how to code!


#2 Touchstone Subject Line Email Analyzer:

we all know that the subject line is the juiciest part of the email, so this is a tool to help you get it right. Using their analytics, you can enter in a subject line & you will see an estimation of what the open & click rates are likely to be.

#3 SendForensics Email Deliverability Test:

we all dread that inevitable bounce rate – emails that never reach the destination. SendForensics makes this easier by allowing you to test your email list before sending so you can see how good your list is.

Have you used these tools before? Or do you have another email favorite to share with us? 

August 27th, 2019