Understanding the 4 Levels of Your Funnel

Understanding the 4 Levels of Your Funnel

Here are 4 levels to your shoppers 

Level 1: Those who have never visited your online shop

Level 2: Those who have visited your shop but didn’t buy

Level 3: Those who visited your shop, put stuff in their cart, but didn’t buy

Level 4: Those who bought from your shop & could be repeat shoppers if the right offer came along

As you can imagine the top of the funnel (level 1) is the most expensive type of shopper to get because they are dealing with all the clutter out there on the internet. Yet so many businesses make the mistake of NOT targeting levels 2 – 4.

It often takes many touch-points for somebody to buy, especially if you are selling something at a higher price point. But the higher the level the more likely they are to buy because they’ve been more in touch with your brand.

So don’t miss out on the magic of retargeting!

August 27th, 2019