7 eCommerce Shops to Give you Inspiration this New Year

7 eCommerce Shops to Give you Inspiration this New Year

The new year’s ticking already and what better time than now to get you pumped towards achieving your goals? Whether you are finally ready to start that online business you’ve been dreaming about or you’re already an established entrepreneur, we could all do with some new year inspiration. 

We have put together this list of seven successful Shopify stores that are surely doing something right. We hope you’ll find lots to learn (and steal from – hey, that’s okay too 🙂 

1. Taylor Stitch:

Taylor Stitch is an environmentally conscious men’s clothing store that deals in custom and tailored apparel. They’ve got a beautiful website that features great photography and copywriting. There’s a rather nice way of drawing your attention on their website with the ‘New Messages’ icon on the top right of the screen. The pop-ups are designed well, they blend in with the site and do not obstruct your browsing experience.  

2. Triangl

This Australian brand launched in 2012 with the goal of making swimwear that was stylish, well made and reasonably priced. They became profitable in the first year and continue to declare an annual profit of millions of dollars. Their use of really large bold photographs creates a dramatic and memorable effect on their website. The Triangl brand heavily relies on influencers and models for their marketing campaigns and these images are quite generously displayed on the website. 

3. WP Standard

Popular for its clean and really well-designed website, WP Standard won Shopify’s design award in 2013 and we can easily see why. The theme for their online store even though minimal, is elegant with tasteful photography. The website is well organized and focuses your attention on their products – beautiful high-end leather bags and accessories.  

4. KKW Beauty

KKW Beauty is Kim Kadarshian’s hugely successful beauty store hosted on Shopify. Not only does it make millions in annual revenue, but the products also sell out very quickly due to Kim’s celebrity power. The store is well designed, with bold, beautiful photography and colors. The theme colors and typeface go well together and are easy on the eyes – making the site a pleasure to be on. 

5. Beardbrand

Started in 2012 and run by 3 co-founders, Beardbrand’s website and marketing are so on point! The Beardbrand store started at only $30. Today, they no longer have to worry about bootstrapping as they bring in over $100,000 a month in revenue. Their clever use of marketing has done them well. For example, the new message notification on the top right of the screen piques your curiosity – you almost think you are in your inbox and you’ve got an unread email 🙂 They also play with your curiosity on their shop pages – offering a small undisclosed gift if you sign up to auto restock. Their idea of collecting super targeted leads with the lead generation quiz on their homepage is worth stealing 🙂

6. Flex

As mentioned on their website, the Flex company is on a mission to create body-positive, life-changing experiences through the products that they make and the conversations that they spark. As an alternative to tampons, the products give women greater freedom to continue their lifestyle during their periods. Flex has a beautifully designed store with equally beautiful imagery. The copywriting is great too and puts a lot of emphasis on the benefits of using their products. The flashing banner on the home page of their products positively reinforces their core message – that Flex gives you freedom. 

7. Deathwish Coffee

In business since 2012, Mike Brown, founder of Deathwish Coffee claims to make the ‘Worlds Strongest Coffee’. Since winning a 30-second commercial spot during the Super Bowl in 2015, the company has continued to grow, averaging about 200% year on year. Their website design is very bold, daring and eye-catching, using just 3 colors – black, white and red. The copywriting follows the same daring pattern. Their creative lead magnet with the heading – ‘who doesn’t like free cash?’’ is sure to catch your attention.

So... what are some of your favorite shops?

Let us know!


Author: Nta Etuk