10 website stats that are too SPOOKY to be ignored

10 website stats that are too SPOOKY to be ignored

So I know it’s not quite Halloween yet, but these website stats (that so many of us are overlooking) are just TOO alarming not to share with you now…

How fast is your website loading?

1.75% of online consumers will use the ‘back’ button before a slow page fully loads

38% of consumers will give up on content when it takes too long to load

How can we define a good loading speed?

47% of consumers expect a page to load within 2 seconds or less

A site that takes 6 seconds to load will result in a 50% loss in conversion

How much time did you spend on the design?

A consumer’s first-impression of a website is 94% related to design

It takes consumers 0.05 seconds to make up their mind about your website – what are they seeing within those first milliseconds?

How easy is it to read your content?

70% of visitors look at lists with bullets

50% of sales are lost because visitors can’t find the content they are looking for

Do you have the right information?

47% of consumers check the products services section of the website first

In a study done of 200 small businesses, it proved that 70% did not have clear call-to-actions

So now ask yourself…

Is your website fully loading in less than 2 seconds?

Do you clearly explain what your business does and what services/products you provide?

Do visitors know what they should do with clear call-to-actions?

Is it easy to get in touch with your company?

If not… let’s talk

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August 27th, 2019