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Lingerie Design & Devleopment

The Lingerie & Underwear industry is one of the top growing since the pandemic. BUT it's also a very competitive industry - so how can you stand out among the others with your Shopify Store?

Wayward Pleasures

The challenge

Wayward Pleasures was created with a mission to provide high-quality & high design products to women at a fair price. They wanted something that is unique & memorable, among the other tens of thousands of lingerie shops online. The goal was to make the brand memorable, unique & trustworth.

The solution

The outcome is a very visual, sexy vibe. The client shot new photography with models, which we also used to give each product page a unique feel by not only giving information on the product, but also about the model wearing it. We also advised the client on the photography style to ensure that the final images match the shop style.

Design Thinking

The design of Wayward Pleasures' online store was focused on creating a high-end and luxurious shopping experience for women. The website was designed with a clean and modern aesthetic, featuring high-quality product images and detailed descriptions that showcased the quality and design of each product.

The website was designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive layout that made it easy for customers to browse through the various categories of products. The prices were fair and transparent, reflecting the company's commitment to providing high-quality products at an affordable price point. Overall, the project's design was successful in creating a high-end and luxurious shopping experience that effectively communicated Wayward Pleasures' mission to provide high-quality and high-design products to women at a fair price.

Check the Full Design Here

Theme Update

Shopify 2.0 Upgrade

In July 2021, when Shopify came out with the new update to their theme system, we helped Wayward Pleasures to upgrade to 2.0. The process is not as easy as just pressing a button, given that we had included a lot of customizations in this project. Our developer upgraded the theme used & then went back to move over all of the custom sections & unique updates we did. We were also able to utilize the new Metafields features to make each product page more unique. And of course the page now runs faster with the speed optimization from the upgrade!

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