Shopify Brand Creation

Audio Engineering Systems

Creation of the North American store for Two Notes: unique product that helps musicians and producers get the most out of their tube amps, allowing them to record and play with complete control over sound levels.

The Project

The challenge

In addition to creating a similar style to the existing Wordpress website, our challenge was to also ensure that the new Shopify store was user-friendly and easy to navigate for customers who are looking for a very technical and niche product. This meant organizing a large amount of technical information in a clear and concise manner, while also making sure that customers could easily find the products they need based on their specific requirements. Additionally, we had to make sure that the website was optimized for SEO, as this was a key factor in driving traffic and sales to the new store.

The solution

To address this challenge, we created a custom Shopify theme that was based on the design of their existing Wordpress store while incorporating new design elements and features that were tailored specifically for the American market. We also made sure to optimize the user experience for easy navigation and a seamless shopping experience. The result was a visually appealing and high-performing Shopify store that successfully catered to the needs of Two Notes' target audience in the US market.

Design Thinking

Two Notes is an online store that specializes in audio engineering and music apparel. The UI/UX design of the online store is focused on simplicity, ease of navigation, and a visually appealing layout. The homepage features a full-width header with a search bar, a hero image with a CTA button, and a section showcasing featured products. The category pages have a sidebar with filters and a grid or list view for product display. The product pages have clear images, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews. The cart and checkout process is user-friendly and secure, allowing customers to make purchases with ease.

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User Journey

In creating the Two Notes Audio Engineering Shopify store for the US market, it was important for us to consider the user journey and make sure it was seamless for shoppers who may have visited the main website but needed to be redirected to the US store to complete their purchase. We needed to ensure that the store was easy to navigate, with clear calls-to-action and product descriptions that provided all the necessary information for shoppers to make an informed decision. We also had to ensure that the checkout process was smooth and hassle-free, and that shoppers had access to the necessary support and resources if they encountered any issues. Ultimately, the goal was to create a user journey that was as seamless and intuitive as possible, to ensure a positive shopping experience for all customers.

Words from Our Client

"Wonderful! Thanks everyone!" - Ross, Director of Marketing 

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