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Humanitarian Project - COVID 2021

Fundacion Mariposas Amarillas

They aim to provide services such as basic education, recreational activities, and workshops that include information on health, nutrition, and the importance of education to children and their families in Santa Marta’s under-served neighborhoods.
Due to the pandemic the school has been closed for almost 1 year now.

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Vamos Por Mas Taganga

Vamos Por Mas Taganga started as a necessity during the very difficult times in Taganga, which lives almost purely on Tourism. The organization wants to provide a better quality of life by giving the people food, medicine, protection and lots of love.

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COVID Relief

Jan 2021 started off with our fundraiser that helped 3 communities in 3 different towns on the coast of Colombia. A country hit hard with the pandemic, where there is virtually no government support, families have struggled due to the 7 months that the country was completely locked down from March 2020 - September 2020.


Food & Supplies

Thanks to the support of everyone, we were able to feed 70 families in these 3 communities. Many of these families had to construct their own homes however they could & often live without access to electricity or running water.


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