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The Challenge

The food and beverage industry is a highly competitive industry, and even more so online. It’s not enough to just show that your product is of high quality or having a high impact website, but you need to do something to really stand out among the others. The Inspire & Brew team came to us with a very ambitious goal for their Shopify store: enable shoppers to give donations to ANY foundation or charity of their choosing. Currently the only options existing are donation apps that allow shoppers to donate to an existing list of charities that the merchant chooses, but Inspire & Brew wanted to put the power into the hands of their shoppers. At the end there also needed to be an automated way to see the donation that needs to be given to the charity based on the profit of the product sold.

The Solution

The entire Shopify store has been highly customized with elements that are standalone and unique sliders, making it a good challenge to make sure that everything is optimized for mobile. This design alone already gives a great first impression but what really made this project unique are the custom wizards and setups.



The store pushes the shopper to the importance of the donation aspect. They are invited to register their own charities which are saved with a cookie that follows them around the shop until they get to the cart page where it is displayed at the end to remind them that their purchase will do good for that charity. This is a great way to reduce abandoned shopping carts as the shopper is reminded of the good they will do for that charity.



When the shopper makes a purchase, it is connected to the Shopify API with the API to push the data of the charity that was registered along with the product that was purchased. The data is stored in a Google sheet for the team to see the charities they receive and analyze them. This is all connected in real time so as soon as the verify the charity and approve it, it automatically shows up in the list on the website, available for others to register. Finally the spreadsheet also calculates the amount that needs to be donated for that order to that charity based on the profit of each product sold. This live solution provides easy updates to the website and very accurate calculations for each charity donation!

Some of Our Happy Clients

David / CO-FOUNDER in Ampato Coffee