Wordpress Redesign

Frozen Seafood Speciality Shop

ER Fisheries is a Bermuda based online grocery store for frozen seafood & meat operating on Woocommerce.

The Project

The challenge

ER Fisheries was already existing on Wordress but had a website which was really hard to navigate & didn't even give product information about the product. The other challenge is that selling FROZEN fish is not sexy, so we wanted to find a way to entice shoppers to crave these products & to order them online instead of going to the store.

The solution

First of all, we had to give the store an aesthetic appeal, so we redesigned the whole website. We included more appealing photos of the seafood & meat (using stock photography) & also included recipes to entice shoppers to buy more than one product, to complete their recipes. The final challenge was to make an easy shopping experience, for a product where delivery time is important, we did this by including a plugin where shoppers can schedule their delivery time.

Design Thinking

The goal of the project was to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers while also improving the store's conversion rate.

We focused on creating a pleasant and easy-to-navigate online store that would encourage users to browse, shop, and make purchases. We implemented simple and intuitive design principles with clean and modern visual aesthetics, along with a range of interactive elements and custom illustrations to bring a personal and immersive experience to the website. Our focus was to keep the customer's shopping journey simple and pleasant, whilst improving the overall conversion rate of the store.

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Increasing AVC

Instead of just selling some frozen ship, we wanted to take it a step further, by making the shopping more of a fun experience. We implemented the Recipe section where the shopper can get ideas of what they can cook with that specific product as they are looking at it. It's a great way to entice them to buy the product PLUS additional ones that are needed to complete the recipe!

Words from the Client

"I love it" - Zuri, CEO

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