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Heartful Diamonds is a leader in quality diamond paintings selling worldwide with warehouses
around the world & targeting US + Europe + Asia.
They also have a fun feature to submit a custom photo that is turned into a diamond painting.

The Challenge

Our partnership with Heartful Diamonds was to help them give the website a fresh new look! The business had been growing a lot since the pandemic & they wanted to better represent their brand.

Product Education

As this type of product is quite new, or not so well known, there is also a large educational aspect of it. So we moved the information from being buried in a blog to having it's own customizable individual pages that match the theme (without having to use a page-builder app). The how-to pages are easily accesible from the main menu for all to see how easy it is to practice this craft.

Custom Paintings

The custom paintings is a cool feature that they have on the shop to submit any image that gets turned into a unique diamond painting. This feature was not very obvious on the current site, so we wanted to bring this more into focus by also showing how easy it is to create a custom painting on the homepage.

The Solution

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Working with Heartful Diamonds was an exciting experience. As a 7-figure business we watched them evolve during the pandemic to move over to Shopify Plus and join the big-players of eCommerce stores! The end result was a fun & creative design that represents the nature of the product & the end users. We are excited to see how they expand further internationally.

Customer discovery process and design work are both excellent. They set the gold standard for professionalism. Would definitely recommend their services and will be hiring the agency again.

Heartful Diamonds