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COVID Relief in Costa Rica

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In April 2020 when the pandemic was strong, we were approached by an ambitious organization Juntos Costa Rica who were on a mission to help families across the country who have been heavily affected by COVID-19.

They found a very COOL way to get people to donate...

Donate & Play

The Juntos Costa Rica team had the excellent idea of involving celebrities in the cause! A person could buy raffle tickets for a celebrity of their choosing, to enter the chance to win a virtual meeting with them.

This really peaked the interest of many who chose to participate as it was for a good cause & also helped get supplies to many.


As many celebrity eyes was were on this, we helped them create a professional website that was even seen by famous people in Hollywood.

In the entire campaign they had an estimate of 452 000 impressions on social media & 65 000 actively help in the cause. The project helped over 3000 families in need with food & basic supplies.

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