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With fashion you are in HIGH competition with the hundreds of thousands of other online shops.

What makes your store different? What makes you unique?

Who is your ideal buyer & how can you speak directly to them?

We are here to help...

Never a Wallflower

We came in & consulted them on the right steps to increase conversion & build confidence in the brand overall. We changed the theme & completely redesigned the website to match the brand. We also created the wholesale feature to get orders all in one place (vs. just over the phone!)

"I loved working with Meraki vision, they are thorough and knowledgable, but the best part is, our web sales are up 215% since launching our new site."
- Dana, Founder

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As a brand, Kephi stands for brave people who reflect passion for living and for achieving their goals. We are not just a clothing brand, we’re an empowering tool for people who want to feel great by driving positive actions day by day. We want our products to create a great aura of positivism that drives our consumer through the feeling of an overpowering emotion, the essence of Kephi. And we do all these keeping our values in mind.

We are excited to help them launch their brand!