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Pure Hydration has been working for decades in the development of more advanced Individual Water Purification (IWP) devices. The latest version uses a combination of carbon and iodine resin to enable the removal of viruses from contaminated water, a competence which still defeats many filter technologies today.

The Challenge

The Pure Hydration team approached us to help them make some final adjustments to their shop as they were not happy with the outcome another developer had given them, as it was very image focused. Our advice was to change the theme & start something new completely that focuses more on the technology and the content of such a product.

Product Education

Due to this being a unique, patented product, there is an education aspect to teach shoppers how it works and how it can improve their being. Explaining the technology also helps to add credibility to the brand.

Humanitarian Aid

Pure Hydration has done some phenomenal work in the world in almost all big crises. We wanted to put this amazing work front & center as the brand may not be known so well yet, but their partnerships & impact has been HUGE and the honor is well-deserved.

The Solution

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The outcome of the Pure Hydration website was a completely different focus. We went from a half-completed page that was focused solely on images, to having a website with a true content strategy. The benefit, world impact, technology and company is now clear & positive for the Pure Hydration brand to grow worldwide.

Maria & Sabina Really great talking with you both today.  You answered our questions and we are thrilled with the site, it is clear, easy to navigate and the layout is now as I had envisaged...thank you! 

Pure Hydration