Shopify Unite 2021 - Biggest Announcements for Merchants

Shopify Unite 2021 - Biggest Announcements for Merchants

1. Online Store 2.0

Many SEXY changes happening with Shopify themes from all the requests we've made over the years! One of the BIGGEST is having sections on each page - that means more flexibility for you as a merchant for static pages like about us, contact, etc. Read the FULL story here.

2. Customize Checkout with App Extensions

Currently, we know that the checkout customization is VERY limited on Shopify unless you use the Plus version, but now Shopify has opened up a lot of options with API flexibility. We can now even create a Post-purchase checkout experience to built loyalty amongst your customers.

3. Storefront API Updates

This new API brings exciting updates such as an improved Cart experience which unlocks features like estimated totals with taxes, discounts, duties, and so much more. International pricing will also replace presentment currencies with international pricing on storefronts to make shopping across markets MUCH easier for international customers. And finally, we see with the growth of pickup on location in 2020 much easier to set up as customers can query nearby store locations.