Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Prepare your strategy now!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Prepare your strategy now!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, and as a business owner, you need to be ready because these two discount days are a huge source of income for eCommerce and webshops. But, planning Black Friday & Cyber Monday is not just about planning the discounts on your products. You also need to start a promotional campaign to make all your customers aware of these events. 
You will need to have a checklist to review months in advance and set up everything for the important days! 
So, here you have some key points you need to cover to be ready before Black Friday and Cyber Monday come. 


1. Start promoting earlier than your competitors 

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday usually happen at the end of November. People start to plan Christmas gifts in October or even after the summer holidays! That is why you need to have your strategy clear at that time. So you can start promoting your discounts events from those months. 
You have different options to share your promos with your customers, but here, we give you the four most popular to start your promotional campaign. 
  • Email marketing: Start sending targeted emails to your existing customers with special discounts for those who subscribed to your newsletter. 
  • Remarketing Ads: Set up retargeting ads to let your users know about the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale
  • Social Media Ads: Check this strategy if you have good engagement and social media participation.
  • Paid search: When the date of the event comes closer and people start looking for discounts, you can start promoting via paid ads. But, if you already know which are going to be your discounted products, you can pay some ads for the people looking for these products to be aware of you participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
discounts visibles

2. Make sure your visitors can find the discounts in your store 

Once you transform those emails and remarketing ads into real visits, it is just a matter of time to see your traffic grow. But, to get a good conversion rate, you need to make the customer journey easy. That is why you have to make visible the sales page for them to find what they are looking for.  

product description

3. Optimize your product description

Every eCommerce owner should know that their site should be SEO friendly, and have the best keywords to help shoppers find their products, and have a better positioning in the search engines. 

As the date comes closer, potential buyers will start searching for the products they want by adding the term “Black Friday” So, get your product description ready, and include the right keywords to help them find you in their searches. 
To do that, you can check what worked last year to improve it. You can also get some ideas from Google Trends to see which keywords you can use and which are potentially powerful for your goal. 

Shopping experience

4. Make a safer and easier shopping experience 

The first thing you have to consider in the shopping process of your customers is to know how they feel about your site. You have to make a safe shopping space for your customers to make them feel secure while buying your products in your store. That is why your site must have a valid SSL certificate and use a security plugin to avoid hacks. 

Secondly, you should review the checkout process of your customers, and try to reduce it as much as you can. Why? Because this will help you reduce the abandonment cart rate. Everybody knows that one of the main reasons a buyer decides to drop the cart is because the checkout process gets exhausting. 

To improve the checkout in your store and create a better shopping experience, you should have an intuitive checkout page, where the buyer can easily find the buy button and fill just the necessary boxes to finish the purchase process.

Another thing you have to review is the shipping fees and if you would include them or not. If not, it is better to display them from the beginning, so the buyer does not get surprised when they see a different price on the checkout page. 

Once the order is complete, you can close up with a thank you email to engage with the buyer, which is also a good idea if you need to get feedback from the shopping process. 


5. Keep an eye on your stock 

It is important for you to always review your stock, so the buyer does not get disappointed when they are checking out, and suddenly the product they want is not available. To improve this, you should set up your webshop to automatically update your stock. You can also modify the product page to let people know which products get sold faster. 

Letting your visitors know that a product is being sold can help you increase the conversion rate by closing the sale immediately. This happens because the customers will think the product will be gone, and they need to have it. 

So, here you have some tips you can check and add to your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday strategy to increase awareness and get the most of those days. 
What do you think about them? Are you going to use them? Comments !