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5 Most Effective Email Marketing Tools For Your Online Store in 2021

Even though it has become really popular for marketers to talk about the death of Email Marketing as a promotional tool, we have to face the facts that in the eCommerce world it is still very much alive.
The newsletter list is getting its comeback, mostly due to the restrictions of search engines & social media platforms existing today. These platforms are reducing the opportunities for eCommerce stores to promote themselves or show up in organic searches.
Now that we’ve established the importance, it’s time to decide which tool to use for your Shopify store. Below is a review of the 5 most effective email marketing tools in 2021 to help you decide which one is the best fit for your business.
To compare them, we used the following factors:
  • User experience: How easy it is to use & set up campaigns (from low to high: 1 to 3)
  • Price: How much the cost is to use
  • Differentiation: The wow factor
 Shopify Mail

Shopify Email

  • User experience: 1 – Made for beginners
  • Price: Free
  • Differentiation: It’s native to Shopify so integrations is already set up & there will never be a disconnect between the shop & email
Shopify Email is easy to use, & will do the basics you need to help you connect with your shoppers & build an ongoing loyalty. It is an intuitive tool that makes things easier for its users, which focuses on eCommerce.  However, it doesn’t offer the automations & integrations we see below in some of the other email marketing tools.


  • User experience: 1 - Easy
  • Price: Free
  • Differentiation: Emails templates, subscription forms, & automated sequences
Sendinblue is a tool focused on small & midsize businesses. With an incredible CRM tool that allows the user to automate redundant tasks, it is highly recommended for eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce.
They also provide a variety of email templates to use out of the box if it’s your first time setting up email marketing or if you don’t have a designated copywriter in hours. You can use these to generate creative & engaging newsletters.
Some features, focusing on Shopify owners, include things like tracking lists of products shoppers have viewed or liked while browsing, which can later be used for very targeted email campaigns.
 Active Campaign


  • User Experience: 2 - Medium
  • Price: Starting at $7.50/ month
  • Differentiation: Easy to create workflows & great CRM tool
Active Campaign is one of the most popular email marketing tools across the globe, being used by businesses of all sizes. Active Campaign is quite easy to set up, as it even has an automation system that acts as if you have another employee on your marketing team – doing a lot of the redundant setup tasks.
You just need to integrate this tool with your eCommerce platform & get access to hundreds of pre-built automations & ready-to-launch email campaigns - such as welcome series or remarketing emails based on shoppers’ cart items. Active Campaign also offers about 900 pre-built integrations for you to connect all of your eCommerce tools. It also allows you to send SMS to your subscribers & helps you analyze the result of your campaign with the integration with Google Analytics & FB Audience.
If you want to test this tool, you can have a free 14-day trial, & then if it meets your needs, upgrade to the Lite Plan, which is currently at $7.50 per month.


  • User experience: 1-Easy
  • Price: From $13/ month
  • Differentiation: Lead generation tool, mobile-first setup

Privy is the best-rated sales & email marketing App in Shopify with over 18 000 5-stars reviews on the App Store. It has more than 450 000 customers spread over 180 countries & drives approximately $4 billion in sales.
It offers more than automated emails or SMS; it also gives you access to direct & sale-driven templates, which will help you get conversions. All of them are mobile responsive & easy to customize without needing to use any code.
With Privy, you can also get support for custom storefronts, automated campaigns based on your customer behavior, automated A/B tests to understand the importance of the CR, & reminders messages to drive sign-ups into sales.
You can use Privy for free but just for the first 100 contacts. If you want to reach more subscribers than this, you would need to pay starting at $15 monthly. 



  • User experience: 1-Easy
  • Price: Free
  • Differentiation: Easy to use & free
MailerLite will help you create an easy email marketing campaign from zero. It also has professional automation, easy integration for businesses, & 24/7 support.
If you have your store on Shopify, you can take advantage of features such as:
  • Create automatic segments based on the data you have in your Shopify Store.
  • Track your income & allows you to see the results of your emails.
  • Adapt to Shopify, allowing you to import relevant mail information from your store, like images, lines & texts.
  • Free landing page builder & pop-ups to increase your revenue.
MailerLite is free to use, & it is perfect for new business owners who are just starting an eCommerce.

Which of these tools have you tried? Which one do you recommend to us or think is the best option? Let us know in the comments!