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Mujeza was established in 1995 in the state of Kuwait with a leading reputation in the food industry.
This website is the seller of the honey in the Canadian market.

The Challenge

When we started working with Mujeza Canada, they already had an online shop, however the shop did not convert very well. One of the biggest issues that we identified is that the benefits of the product were not very clear, but rather just appeared to be an overpriced honey.

Ingredients Benefits

In line to help increase conversions, we identified that we need to better emphasize the wonderful ingredients that the Mujeza honey is infused with. Therefore a large part of the design phase was focusing on how to highlight this. Included here was the idea to create filters & collections based on the health benefits the ingredient of the product line provides.

Design Style

The design style on this shop is very unique. We created something that is very in tune with the "natural" and "organic" aspect. The elements show touches of "honey" throughout the pages.

The Solution

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The outcome of the Mujeza shop was a great success, helping completely transform the brand. It went from a simple show to a beautiful garden (quite literally)! A few months in, the shop ran out of stock due to sales!