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The Challenge

FlaGo Fitness had a shop that was running on Wix & focusing on the Israeli market. When they reached out to us they were seeking for a more professional look to launch the brand worldwide.


As part of the worldwide launch, we had to ensure that the website looked good in 5 different languages. The most challenging ones were the right-to-left languages of Hebrew & Arabic. While there are apps on Shopify to handle languages, the ones that read RTL are not "out of the box". Therefore we had to adapt the strings with code in most areas. We also made sure the currency was set to the location of the person so they can view in their prices.

Wholesale B2B

Another part of the business stream to grow was the business to business stream, specifically to get gyms and fitness instructors involved in using the bands. Therefore we worked with FlaGo Fitness to create a B2B space that describes how the process is to buy from them at a wholesale level.

The Solution

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Working on the FlaGo Fitness project was exciting to see how a business can go from serving a local market to going international. There are a lot of exciting challenges to go through when localizing a shop. We also made sure that the default currency & the language was set depending on the person's location, so they feel that the site is personalized to their market.

Thanks Sabina!! 😊😊 We appreciate your work on this project - we know you did your best to deliver all we asked for and we are happy with the results. 

FlaGo Fitness