Fashion & ADA Compliance

The Challenge

Russells, a Florida based shoe apparel company came to us to help them move their site from Magento to Shopify because they realized the struggle that occurs in maintaining an ecommerce store on such a complex platform as Magento. Another important goal was making the site usable for those with disabilities, which is done by implementing ADA compliant practices.

The Solution

Shopify is much easier to use without being a developer once it is set up. We helped them make an improved design now on a new platform and adapt what worked really well for them but on Shopify as the platforms are in fact different in terms of functionality & frontend layout.

Unique Product Pages

When merchants want to have product pages with unique information beyond the standard product description, they make the mistake of creating many product templates - however this slows down the shop immensely. Therefore we implemented a Metafields solution that based on tags & fields set up, places elements such as brand logo & a specifications table unique to each product, without the need to duplicate & edit thousands of product pages.



As a result the client has been increasing their growth month after month since switching to Shopify. They are also relaxed to know that they have a fully compliant Shop for the general population.

Some of Our Happy Clients

Michael / FOUNDER in Wayward Pleasures