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Melanin in America was started by Donna Hobley back in July 2017 as a hobby. She had just graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as a first-generation student. During this time there were continuous deaths of Black people all over the news. Her Melanin face pillows were created as an outlet to break away from the traumatizing narrative and stereotypes that plague those in the Black community. Her pillows were created in a space where she so no representation. 

The Challenge

The team came to us with a specific request to help them build a solution to allow users to pick a product from each type of thing they sold (make-up, pillow, etc) but had been told that it was impossible.

Custom Wizard

In order to help them acheive their dream solution, the only choice was to build a custom wizard that allows shoppers to add a product from each line to build a beauty kit with dynamic pricing. 

Dynamic Cart

As items get added, the shopping cart creates the "kit" based on what the shopper added. Shoppers can also skip a certain category if they want, which is why this makes it a dynamic custom solution on Shopify.

The Solution

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The shopper can add a product in at every step, yet they may also skip a category if they don't want. Overall it encourages shoppers to buy more and thus increases the average cart value of the shop which is favorable when investing money in paid ads (higher return on ads).

We reached out to freelancers, different firms, contractors... we were constantly told that what we wanted was not possible. Then we found a wonderful organization. They helped make our dreams a reality. Other organizations told us it would take months and they turned it around in a few weeks.

Antonio Adams, Head of Marketing