Beauty - Make Your Own Box

The Challenge

The beauty industry is highly competitive with new brands popping up on a daily basis, so when we were approached by the Melanin in America team we were really excited to be a part of this impactul brand. They sell a variety of beauty, cosmetics, makeup, and skin care products to international markets. As a means to improve their average cart value they approached us to help them create a solution for shoppers to build their own product box with only the products they desire.

The Solution

After being told repeatedly that this cannot be done by other freelancers and agencies, we engineered a plan to make the custom box a possibility. We helped them create a unique shopping experience as you can see with this wizard. Instead of selling separate items, shoppers are guided through this package bundle to add one of each type of product. This wizard was completely custom built.


Modal to See More

It is important to consider the UX when creating such an ecommerce solution as you want to be able to give the shopper enough information to buy, but being the nature of beauty products, it is also essential for shoppers to see the product details. To solve this we created a modal that pops up with the product description for anyone to see without having to leave the wizard which would defeat the purpose.



The implementation of this solution grew the from 5% to 25%, initiate checkout from 3% to 15%, and lead opt-in from 9% to 35%.

Our Happy Clients

Antonio / MARKETING DIRECTOR in Melanin in America