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B2B Industry

The Challenge

Gauder sells magnets on a B2B level within Germany. The have many different products & different packs of products that require constant updates & changes. On Shopify it is possible to upload CSV files for the products, but the structure is completely set to the way Shopify has it (no modifications) & it does not have all of the areas that the client needed. This meant having to work with this very unorganized CSV from Shopify or doing it one by one - with thousands of products this is not scalable.

The Solution

We created an online spreadsheet with additional columns & sections (connected to Shopify) that allows the merchant team to update & add news products as well as product information such as tags, images and product basic data.


Synchronization with Apps

Having an app that sends information to the products is quite simple, however we took it one step further by synchronizing the app data into app that are needed for the business to sell. Certain parts of the spreadsheet connect with metafields app which then push information to apps like quantity discounts which are essential to the B2B buyers.


Product Management

This ability to bulk edit products in one location (the app) allows them to manage products in at least half the time vs doing these same updates manually through different apps or in one cell block. 

Client Feedback

At the moment, I would like to say thank you for leading this project in such a timely and professional way and I am looking forward to keep working with you on further improving our site.