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Offset Canvas is a creative canvas studio from New York that is revolutionizing modern/new school creative wall art. High end prints that the average citizen can afford and show off in their home or office.

The Challenge

Offset Canvas has given a shot at creating a shop themselves but they realized that it wasn't cutting it, it wasn't making them stand out among the competition enough.


One main issue we identified was the way visitors were expected to shop. The collections pages were set by season, as each new range of designs is released, however we realized people wanted a way to search exactly what they are interested in. Therefore we worked with Offset Canvas to determine how we can categorize the canvases into a smarter & easier way for shoppers.

Product Images

One thing that we wanted to also do is to help shoppers relate to the product as possible. We helped achieve this by understanding what the target audience wants (male, luxury, success) & recreated the product images to display this. That way one can see a canvas in many different settings & be much more likely to relate.

The Solution

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We came in & consulted Offset Canvas on the right steps to increase conversion & make the brand stand out. We changed the theme & completely redesigned the website to match the brand. We also updated their product images to have a more impactful scene to show off how cool the canvases can look in many different spaces.

We needed a new modern looking website. It was nail on the head, exactly how we wanted. Nothing less than perfect. The whole project itself was done very organized, I like how it was done as a step by step basis. I had very good communication with the whole team throughout the entire process

Parker Russo, Founder OFFSET CANVAS CO